The braking system of your car is essentially made up of three main parts: The brake disc, brake pads and brake caliper.

Fastvaux can replace or repair your braking system whether it be brake pads, discs, calipers, hoses or even the master cylinder, providing a reliable mobile service.

Brake pads are designed to create a noticeable squealing noise when they need to be changed. This is built into the brake pad, and when it makes contact with the brake disc, the friction causes the noise. If you hear grinding, which is metal on metal, you have waited too long and you may begin doing damage to your braking system.

“Great service and price! Had a problem with my van, Fastvaux came out and looked at it the same day, diagnosed the fault and new parts were fitted the next day. Van was back on the road in less than 24 hours!”

L. Choudhry

“Quick service, able to get hold of parts needed quickly, amazing service and able to come to you which is handy, especially when you can’t physically get your car to a garage. Would high recommend and will use again.”

S. Phillips

“My car wouldn’t start, Fastvaux came out within an hour of my call, diagnosed the problem and fixed it the same day. Very happy with the service and price, would definitely recommend!”

C. Keys

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